Day 6: The Lord of hosts is his name


The Lord of hosts is his name
(Jeremiah 10:16)

Jeremiah 10:12-16
Mark 16:14-15


The created world is a manifestation of God’s wondrous power. The greatness of God is made visible in and through all creation: ‘The Lord of hosts is his name.’

Today, however, we are facing a serious global ecological crisis, which threatens the survival of the natural world. Many people have been driven by greed to exploit creation beyond its capacity. In the name of development, forests are cleared and pollution destroys land, air, rivers and seas, rendering agriculture impossible, making fresh water unobtainable and causing animals to die. In this context it is useful to remember that after his resurrection, Jesus commissioned the disciples to proclaim the good news ‘to the whole creation’. No part of creation is outside God’s plan to make all things new. And so conversion is needed from a tendency to exploit to an attitude that values and reconciles us with creation.

Movements among people of different faiths in Indonesia and many other places are inspiring Christians to promote eco-friendly churches, and to take a stand against environmental abuses. This unites Christians in bearing witness to their Creator, ‘for he is the one who formed all things’. When we join with other Christians in defence of our common earthly home, we are not just engaging in activism, but are fulfilling the Lord’s command to proclaim the good news of God’s healing and restoring love to all of creation.


Loving God,
By your word all things came to be.
We thank you for the universe 
which manifests your glory, beauty and kindness.
Grant us the wisdom to walk gently upon the earth
and together to be prophets of your good news to all creation. Amen.