Day 5: To bring good news to the poor


To bring good news to the poor
(Luke 4:18)

Amos 8:4-8
Luke 4:16-21


The prophet Amos criticized traders who practiced deceit and exploited the poor in order to gain maximum profit. Amos also underlined how God observes their wrongdoing and will never forget it. God listens to the cries of victims of injustice and never forsakes those who are exploited and treated unjustly.

We live in a globalized world where marginalization, exploitation and injustice are rampant. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider. Economic achievement becomes a deciding factor in relationships between peoples, nations and communities. Economic issues often trigger tensions and conflicts between them. It is hard to enjoy peace when justice is absent.

By virtue of our common Baptism, all Christians share in the prophetic mission of Jesus to proclaim good news to the poor and the weak, in both words and deeds. When we recognise this mission, the Spirit of the Lord will be upon us too, empowering us to work for justice. Our dignity as Christians calls us to speak and act in such a way that the words from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah which Jesus proclaimed in Nazareth are fulfilled each day in the hearing of those around us.


God our Father,
forgive our lust for power 
and free us from the temptation to oppress others.
By your Holy Spirit of communion, 
help us to live in solidarity with our neighbour,
and so share together with your Son Jesus 
in fulfilling your promise of freedom from poverty and oppression.
We pray in his name. Amen.